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Another very special item available is Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California's West Coast Products and California Olive Ranch Arbequina. This olive oil has won several awards lately because of it's exquisit flavor.

Check out this aritcle in Cooks Illustrated and this article in our local newspaper, Post and Courier, by Teresa Taylor Going Gourmet

From Cook's Illustrated.

Product Name California Olive Ranch Arbequina

Manufacturer California Olive Ranch

Price $13.97 per half liter

Recommendation Status Recommended

Testers’ Comments This oil by North America’s largest olive oil producer came in just a fraction of a point behind our imported favorite (Columela), winning out over other California oils with a similar profile: full, fruity olive flavor and little bitterness or pungency. “Lovely, nutty, and fruity,” with notes of “lemon,” “vanilla,” and “honey.” “Quite buttery and round and almost sweet,” tasters raved. “The aftertaste is fresh, pure olive.”

Olive Arbequina, unfiltered