Ambrose Family Farm CSA

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture - a partnership of mutual commitment between a local farmer and the people who consume his/her fresh produce, creating a bond between the farm and the community supporting it.  Members purchase a 'share' of the farm's anticipated fresh, high quality food grown the safest most organic method possible.  This partnership offers the perfect win/win situation to Members and their families by giving them the best quality, freshest, widest variety of sustainably grown produce and ensures the survival of the local family farm's future by guaranteeing the farmer a fair economic return for his efforts.

It's important to join a CSA as far in advance as possible. This gives the farmer time to plan and grow for you.  Growing plants takes time-scheduling crop planting, ordering seed, planting, nourishing and pampering the young plants, then harvesting, packing and delivering it.  The quickest crops we grow are arugula, radish, and baby lettuce mixes. Each of these takes at least 25 days from seed to harvest - no calling the factory, ordering your widget, and having it delivered overnight!

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