Our Shrimp

The shrimping season is Open in our area and should remain open until December 31. The catch has been moderate. Weather is the determining factor as to whether or not we work every day! Fuel prices also have an effect on the decision of going or staying at the dock. If conditions seem promising to producing a good catch, then the trawler will set his trawl nets over. There have been several days we have not had shrimp available because of low catches vs. fuel costs. Call before making the drive to the Stono Market 843-559-9999.

Now Available: Fresh From Our Trawler

We offer a quantity discount on PRE-ORDERED quantities. Please call 843-559-9999 for more details.

The deal is that we dump the shrimp from our cooler to yours. No seperate packaging at all. Give us a call and pre-order your shrimp today. Don't wait too long, or the season will be over before you know it.

Pete has been shrimping off the coast of Charleston, SC since 1967. We dock our boat at our home in Rockville, a small fishing village on Wadmalaw Island, SC, about 20 miles south of Charleston, SC. Our goal has been to GUARANTEE the freshest preservative free shrimp in the Charleston, SC area-AND WE DO!

The shrimp season in our area generally opens June 1 and closes December 31. Our shrimp boat starts shrimping in May, offshore of the inside legal boundary lines, and the South Carolina Wildlife and Marine Resources (our licensing agent in SC) has often allowed us 2 weeks into January, to shrimp.

Within those months, we average 25000 to 35000 pounds of shrimp! Sounds like a lot, but we continually encourage our customers to order early and freeze.

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Shrimp caught on the East Coast-Georgia, SC, and NC-are considered the best quality fresh market shrimp because of their flavor and texture. Fulton Fish Market in NY prefers SC, NC, and GA shrimp over the others and would pay a premium price to get them.

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