Facts About Produce and Fruits We Grow

At Ambrose Family Farm our goal is to deliver healthy fresh vegatables and fruits to our community. We use organic farming practices on our farm so that you and your family are eating the best foods available! We know that you are what you eat........good health is not accidental.......it is intentional.

Food Facts are facinating-nutritional information, recipes, origin, pictures, history, handling, varities, how to grow, when to harvest, where to purchase, what to look for... Endless too.

There is absolutely no reason to 're-do' the countless hours others have put into developing web sites on produce on this one. On this page, there are links to other web sites that offer any information you could possibly want on any produce you can imagine. The info is good.

If you have questions about an item you purchased at Stono Market, Ambrose Family Farm, or received in your CSA Share, try one of the links. Pictures are available, so you can match what you have to what it really is!

For Food Facts: Fruit and Veggie Guru
For Recipes: Cooks.com ; LifeScript.com ; Cooking Light.com