Ambrose Family Farm CSA
(Community Supported Agriculture)

Our CSA program offers members
* Weekly or Bi-Weekly(Every Other Week) delivery schedules
* Seasonal (Winter, Spring, Fall) or Yearly subscriptions
* 4 Share size options, either Standard or Premium (customizable)
* about 25 pickup locations
* Weekly or as needed Add-on items like eggs, shrimp, meats, etc

We include ONLY produce grown on our farm in your share but we offer the opportunity for you to purchase additional produce, fruits, meats, cheeses, prepared foods, shrimp, eggs, honey, gifts, etc that we carry in our Stono Market & Tomato Shed Cafe with your delivery.  Our on-line store for CSA Members is extensive.

Pre-Packed and Delivered Shares

Pre-packed Standard- the farm crew picks and packs your share the day of delivery and your share will contain what is harvested that day.  Simply put - a share of the day's harvest.
Pre-packed Premium- you order from the selected harvest list each week and the farm crew includes only those items.  Each customizable share is limited to the value of your share, is labeled with your name and a copy of your order, and is delivered in Yellow bags.  Premium Shares cost an additional $6/week 
Delivered means, you choose a pickup location at sign-up that has an assigned day of the week and time of day that your share will be available.  This schedule remains consistent throughout the season.

There is a $3.50 fee per week for pre-packed and delivered shares.  This fee covers the driver, auto, fuel, and insurance costs associated with delivering but the convenience is well worth the minimal fee.

All members may choose Farm or Stono Market as their pick-up location.  These shares are not pre-packed and there is no delivery fee.

Seasonal or Yearly Subscriptions

Seasonal Subscriptions:
Winter - January through March - 11 to 13 weeks
Spring- April through early July - 13 to 14 weeks
Fall- October through late December - 11 to 13 weeks

Yearly Subscriptions:
51 weeks for the cost of 49, giving yearly members the option to get veggies all 51 weeks or miss a week or 2 throughout the year without giving up something you've paid for

You may sign-up for any Seasonal Subscription several months before the season begins (preferred) or during the season.  All costs for seasonal subscriptions are pro-rated.  Yearly subscriptions begin the week of your 1st delivery and end one year later.

Payment plans are often available for pre-season sign ups and can be paid by e-check or Credit Card.  Mid-season sign-ups must be paid in full before deliveries begin.  Yearly Subscribers may make quarterly payments unless special arrangements are made in advance. 

**CAREFULLY select your Yearly Subscription payment option at Sign Up.  You may select to pay for all 51 deliveries at sign up or you may choose an Auto Payment every 13(quarterly) deliveries.

Share Sizes

Small-Red Bag available every week-designed for 1 vegetarian or an average veggie eating family of 2 ($20/wk)
Medium- Blue Bag available every week-designed for an average family of 2 to 4 ($30/wk)
Large-Lime Bag available every week-designed for an average family of 4 to 6 ($40/wk)
XLarge- Hunter Green Bag available every week-designed for 6 to 8 ($50/wk)
**Every size listed above is available for a Bi-Weekly delivery schedule.  Make this selection at sign-up.

To determine which share size is best for you, consider 
1) number of meals/week you eat at home (average is 4 to 5)
2) number of veggies you normally serve at each meal (average is 1 to 2)
3) volume of veggies your family consumes/serving (average is 4 to 5 oz)
You can ALWAYS up-grade or down-grade your share size if you need more or less

Pick-up Locations

Ambrose Farm or Stono Market:
    Shares are not pre-packed - you build you own
    You must select a day of the week (Tuesday-Saturday)
    There is NO delivery fee associated with either location

Tuesday Delivery Schedule:
    Medway Dr-Riverland Terrace, James Island  3pm to 6pm
    Cheves Dr.-Harborview Rd near Folly Rd., James Island - 3pm to 6pm
    Clearview Dr.-Clearview subdivision near Ft. Johnson Rd, James Isl, 
           2pm to 5pm
    Ocean Neighbors-Ocean Neighbors subdivision off Secessionville Rd,
           James Island, 3pm to 6pm
    Citadel-Near Citadel entrance, downtown, 3pm to 6pm
    Congress St.-Johnson Hagood Stadium area, downtown, 3pm to 6pm
    Marshall Walker-downtown, 3pm to 6pm
    Aquarium-waterfront area downtown, 3pm to 5pm
    Wickliffe House-MUSC area downtown-3pm to 6pm,
    Gold's Gym on Folly Rd, James Island  3pm to 6pm
    The Daily by Butcher & Bee, 652b King Street, 3pm to 6pm
    Queen Street Grocery, 133 Queen Street, 3pm to 6pm

Wednesday Delivery Schedule:
    Education Station-Wallenberg Rd at 61, West Ashley, 3pm to 6pm
    Prime Chiropractic Center-on the corner of Magwood & Ashley River
          Rd, 3pm to 6pm
    Susan Dr-near Palmetto Ford off Hwy 17, West Ashley, 3pm to 6pm
    Park West-North Mt. Pleasant, 3pm to 6pm
    Sea Gull Dr-off Chuck Dawley Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, 3pm to 6pm
     The Co-op Grocery on Sullivans Island, Middle Street 3pm to 6pm
     GEL- Savage Road, West Ashley area  3pm to 5pm
      Blend Juice Bar- Coleman Blvd, Mt. Pleasant  3pm to 6pm

Thursday Delivery Schedule:
    Park Circle-Montague Ave. area, N. Charleston, 3pm to 6pm
    Summerville-Eagle Ridge Rd off Trolly Rd, Summerville, 3pm to 6pm
    Long Point Rd-536 Dean Hall Court, Mt. Pleasant, 3pm to 6pm

Add-ons  (Weekly or As Needed)

Members can Add-on items to their weekly CSA share like eggs, meats, cheese, coffee, shrimp, honey, etc.  You can choose to make these items a part of your weekly delivery or you can choose to purchase them when you want them.  Order deadlines - 48 hours before the day of delivery:
midnight Sunday for Tuesday delivery
midnight Monday for Wednesday delivery
midnight Tuesday for Thursday delivery.

Our CSA web store is extensive.  Add-on items will be packed separate from your CSA share, will be labeled with your name and a copy of your order.  The only time an order should be included in your CSA bag is if you purchased extra veggies that we are growing on our farm - these items would be included in your share bag that will labeled with your name and a copy of your order.

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