Braised Greens


1bag Ambrose Farm Braising Greens
1bag Ambrose Farm Kale
2 ea Sliced Pete's Sweet Onion
2ea Ambrose Farm Peeled and sliced carrots
Ambrose Farm Turnips peeled and cut in half
1-2# Ambrose Farm potatoes
1cp sugar
1-2cps vinegar either apple cider or chanpagne
1ea ham hock or .5# smoke bacon
3-4tbsp Tabasco
Chicken stock
salt to taste


Rinse Greens and place a side.

I use a stock pot or le cruset for oven use. Place greens, onions, carrots, turnips, sugar, vinegar, chopped bacon or ham hock in pot. Fill half way up with chicken stock and place on med heat or in oven at 350 deg. Make sure that pot is covered. Usually takes about 2hrs. About half way through place potatoes in pot. Greens will be done when nice and tender and season with salt and 3-4 tbsp tabasco.

Enjoy! Rick Pawlak, The Fat Hen Restaurant