Braising Mix

Braising Mix with Pasta Recipe

Braising mixes create a seasonal combination of greens and vegetables that have varied earthy flavors. Contrasting, but complementary, the assertive flavors of this mix offer a bold taste.

Braising mixes usually cosist of hardier greens that are no longer young enough for a salad mix. They are loaded with many essential vitamins and ususally full of fiber. Each mix will be vary depending on the season and what the farm has growing.

Ambrose Farm Braising Mix usually consists of some of the following greens:
Tokyo Biciana, Vitamin Green, Tat Soi, Bok Choy,& Radish Greens

Storage & Handling

Your braising mix will come packaged in a bag. You can refrigerate the package until ready to use. Wash thoroughly just before cooking.