Butter Bean Facts

Butter Bean Recipes

Are the butter bean and lima bean the same thing? No, a butter bean is a smaller bean than the lima bean. Their nutritional values are fairly equal with the butter bean being higher in iron, fat and calories. Just like many legumes, butter beans provide a great source of fiber and protein. Eating them is a great way to lower cholesterol and especially good for those with diabetes. They provide a nice amount of magnesium (good for the cardiovascular system), folate, the trace mineral manganese, and iron. Yes, this veggie is a powerhouse for vegetarians as well as those who are health conscious. Truly a southern treat!

For Ambrose Farm CSA members, butter beans will typically be an item that you will need to purchase separately at the Stono Market. Once shelled, they must stay refrigerated therefore making it unsafe as a boxed, delivered item. We pick and shell them ourselves so that they are the freshest you can find. We normally have both the green and speckled variety available. Please be sure to sign up for emails indicating when they are available so that you can reserve your desired quantity.

Storage and Handling

Shelled, fresh butter beans can be kept refrigerated for about a week washing just before use. You can easily freeze them by blanching and storing in ziplock freezer bags.