Collards, Mustard, and Kale

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This Mustard Greens recipe is one of our favorites! Mustard Greens with Cream Sauce

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Collards, Mustard, and Kale all belong to the Brassica family and are considered SUPERFOODS because of their antioxidant qualities.

Collards are a good source of protein, potassium, are high in fiber, and provide vitamins A,C,E,K and B6.

Mustard is especially known to protect against hay fever, sinusitus, and asthma.

Kale is loaded with organosulfur compounds (that may lessen the occurrance of some cancers), and has phytonutrients that help the liver to neutralize potentially cancerous substances.
So now you know why it's so important to "EAT YOUR GREENS"!

For those of you that are not too familiar with the different greens you can see above that collards and kale are a bit darker in color while kale and mustard have a curly quality to their leaves.

Storing, Handling, and Preparing of these greens are all similar. You will want to store them in the refrigerator unwashed with a loose, damp papertowel. Wash thoroughly to remove any sand that nature added and tear leaves away from thick stems. Many people simply saute them or they are great added to soups or salads. The mose important thing is that you EAT THEM regularly!

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