CSA Premium Share

The Premium share gives you the option to customize your share with the available organic produce each week, giving you more control and flexibility with your Boxed and Delivered Share. With the Premium option, you choose what goes in your share each week so your CSA Share is more suited to your personal preferences.

Here's how it works:

Each Saturday we'll post a list of the produce we expect to harvest for the week. 48 hours prior to your pickup day, Log into your account,   Select the "Box Schedule and Contents" link.  Select the Customize button.  Using the up/down arrows by each item, you can choose "0" if you want NONE, or you can choose the Maximum Allowed if you love it!  Premium section of the web store, place an order for the items you prefer. On your pick up day, you'll go to your pick up point, find the bag with YOUR NAME on it.  Take that bag and next week, return it and do the same thing each delivery day. 

You are limited to the dollar VALUE of your share(plus a small allowance) and to the Max Number of items.  BUT, Premium members have produce items available to them that regular members do not.  These are veggies or berries that are not in full production but there is enough to offer Premium Members first try! 

The Premium Box takes extra co-ordination, detailed packing, and special handling. The process is totally separate from the regular CSA Share packing process. That's why the additional cost of $6/week for the season.

One more note: Premium Option is designed for boxed and delivered shares. Shares picked up at Stono Market or the Farm already have flexibility built in simply because of location and setting.