Farmer Pete

Pete Ambrose is our farmer Extraordinaire! He has been plowing, planting, fertilizing and tending his farms since 1976. His passion for bringing fresh food to the lowcountry has kept him in a life that many have had to relinquish as bigger farms and corporate farming have driven out the "small guys".

Pete grew up in Charleston and making a living from the earth is all he's known. As a young man, running a shrimp boat in Rockville was his main stay. As his family grew, he had the desire to stay "planted" and give up the long shrimping seasons that most often took him to southern waters for weeks and months at a time. His stong connection to the local shrimping industry is what allows us to provide fresh local shrimp to our customers.

Pete claims he's a Chameleon, having to change so often to keep up with changing times, generations, needs, and community preferences.  These changes have brought Farmer Pete to sharing his produce locally through the Ambrose Family Farm CSA, the family's Stono Market and Tomato Shed CafĂ©, local restaurants, local vendors, and local Farmers Markets. And he does this ORGANICALLY!.

Farmer Sam, his youngest son, is his cohort in the farming operation. His grandson, Drew Anderson is also a vital member of the family farming team.  Together they are able to keep the more than 130 acre Selkirk Plantation farm and the 60 acre Ranch Road farm(his first farm)producing many delicious healthy vegetable and berries to send out into our community.

Sam Ambrose, Pete's youngest son