Grilled Veg and Romaine Salad

Special Recipe from The Fat Hen on Johns Island!

2ea Yellow Squash Sliced Length wise
2ea Zucchini Sliced length wise
1ea Red Onion Peeled and Sliced
2ea Cucumbers Sliced
Romaine Lettuce Rinsed and Picked
2ea Tomato Cleaned and quartered
2ea carrots or 1 bunch baby carrots peeled
1 bunch Chive chopped
1 bunch Parsley chopped
1 bunch thyme chopped
(You may use any herbs of your choice)
1.5 cps Lemon Juice
4 cps blended or olive oil
4 tbsp mustard
4 tbsp honey
s and p

Method: Slice and peel all of veg. Leave out cucumbers. Then place in lg bowl or casserole dish.
In a separate bowl whisk 2 tbsp honey, 2 tbsp mustard, .75 cp lemon juice, 2 cps oil and all of chopped herbs and whisk together. Add s and p to tasted.
Place mixture on veg. Let veg marinate for 2-4 hrs in refrigerator.

Once finished marinating make a vinaigrette with the other half of honey, mustard, lemon juice and oil. Take marinated veg and place on hot grill and grill all veg until tender. When veg is done grilling chop to desired size. Place chopped veg, romaine, cucumbers and dressing in a bowl and toss and top with a desired cheese of your choice(i.e parm, goat or feta). It is ok if the veg is slightly warm when tossed with lettuce it will have a little more flavor.

This is a great summer salad for a dinner party and easy to serve.