This Week's Harvest List

We encourage you to Google any item for recipes and information.  Each item listed is a link to more information.. And check out what other members are doing with their harvest on our Facebook Page!

Harvest List:
April 26- May 2

Spinach-here are a few recipes if you want some
Pete's Sweet Onions - Don't forget to use the tops as well as the bottoms! 
Baby Turnips -Yummy just sauteed
Baby Red Beets with tops-Use the Tops, they are absolutely wonderful
Kale - your variety will be Farmer's Choice this week.  The kale has LOVED this weather.  Try this recipe if you're not sure what to do with Lettuce
Swiss Chard -Eat a rainbow every day just by eating your Swiss Chard
Radishes- This week there are 2 varieties, French Breakfast and Watermelon Radishes.  You'll love them both!

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This Week's Coffee Selections

Maxine will post the coffee available on the web store listing.  Your options are:

Nicaragua,  Expresso Blend #2, Blend #10, Brazil, and Sumatra

Thanks CUP for doing such a wonderful job for all of us at Ambrose Family Farm CSA.  We love your coffee.