This Week's Harvest List

We encourage you to Google any item for recipes and information.  Each item listed is a link to more information.. And check out what other members are doing with their harvest on our Facebook Page!

Harvest List:
Dec. 22, 23, & 24
Next delivery is week of Jan. 4

Acorn Squashrecipe for Acorn Squash - we love this one
Sweet Potato-Orange and White - roast them with your Acorn Squash
Mesclun Mix - here is a salad made with Mesclun that was submitted by one of our CSA members
Collards - Collards are special Southern Green that's a delight to eat. Here's a Recipe to try
Broccoli Rabe -  Very nice leafy green with a little flavor flair.  Hope you enjoy this one  Recipe  
MiZuna - This oriental green is surprisingly delightful.  Here is a recipe using figs(usually available this time of year and often used in Christmas Recipes) and nuts - Honey Glazed Grilled Fig Salad with Mizuna
Tokyo Bekana - Great used with your salad greens

Hope you enjoy the addition of some recipes.  Send me a note if you want me to continue to include them!

Premium Items

Green Cabbage - try this recipe for a change
Arugula - We grow a lot of arugula.  It's an extremely healthy salad green with a peppery taste.  It also makes a fabulous Pesto

This Week's Coffee Selections

Maxine will post the coffee available on the web store listing.  Your options are:

Nicaragua,  Expresso Blend #2, Blend #10, Brazil, and Sumatra

Thanks CUP for doing such a wonderful job for all of us at Ambrose Family Farm CSA.  We love your coffee.