This Week's Harvest List

We encourage you to Google any item for recipes and information.  Each item listed is a link to more information.. And check out what other members are doing with their harvest on our Facebook Page!

Harvest List for This Week

Collard Greens
Pete's Sweet Onions
Head Lettuce

Premium Items

Red Russian Kale

This Week's Coffee Selections

Nicaragua Mozonte "Finca Oro Verde:  Located in the Arados mountains and grown between 1400-1500 meters, this 7 acre small farm produces some of Nicaragua's best coffee.  Oro Verde "green gold" has a sweet almond, well defined dominant chocolate flavor that lasts until the finish and thick creamy body

Drip Blend No.10  darker roast. Great body with a very smooth mouthfeel, balanced with vibrant notes of citrus, caramel sweetness, hints of toasted nuts and a clean finish. Fair and sustainable though Rainforest Alliance.