This Week's Harvest List

We encourage you to Google any item for recipes and information.  Each item listed is a link to more information.. And check out what other members are doing with their harvest on our Facebook Page!

Harvest List for This Week

Beets with Tops
Pete's Sweet Onions
Bok Choy
Brussel Sprouts
Head Lettuce

Premium Items

Red Frilly Mustard

This Week's Coffee Selections

Rwanda Gitesi -  Grown at 1740 meters and from Gitesi where the 1st place Cup Of Excellence was awarded for 2013.  Mandarin orange and apricot fruitiness.  Clean sweetness and vibrant acidity.  Long floral and honey finish. Farm Gate fair pricing program.

Espresso/Drip Blend No. 2

Wonderful as drip coffee as well as espresso. Full bodied, some rustic notes and roasted medium-dark