This Week's Harvest List

We encourage you to Google any item for recipes and information.  Each item listed is a link to more information.. And check out what other members are doing with their harvest on our Facebook Page!

Harvest List:
Oct. 19-25

Yellow Summer Squash
Zucchini Squash
Grean Beans - Roma
Jalapeno Peppers
Olive Leaves for Tea
Surpirse Veggie - (cannot link because I don't have an idea what it is)

Thanks Farmer Rodger Flowers for last weeks great corn and tomatoes!  We appreciate you and your help.

Premium Items

Shishito Peppers

This Week's Coffee Selections

Maxine will post the coffee available on the web store listing.  Your options are:

Nicaragua,  Expresso Blend #2, Blend #10, Brazil, and Sumatra

Thanks CUP for doing such a wonderful job for all of us at Ambrose Family Farm CSA.  We love your coffee.