Pickled Radish and Mustard Green Frittata

Mustard greens
Cherry tomatoes
Feta cheese
Olive Oil
Apple cider vinegar

Pickled radishes (a great way to put up a prolific crop):

Stuff a canning jar full of radishes (greens and all, cut up if you wish). Boil apple cider vinegar and poor over the greens until the jar is 1/4 inch from being full. Keep in the fridge OR use sterile canning practice (many guides online).

Frittata (a great way to use em):

Add a few tablespoons of olive oil to a medium hot skillet and let it warm up. Add a few cherry tomatoes and let them get cooked (brownish spots on skin due to heat). Chop mustard greens (or any other braising green, including radish greens) and pickled radishes (maybe 3/4 cup of each). Add these to the skillet and cook until reduced (maybe 5 minutes, stirring a bit to keep the bottom from browning). Stir 5-6 eggs in a bowl with some feta cheese Pour eggs over skillet so that most greens are covered. Cook until top eggs are almost set. Move under a broiler on high until eggs are set and there is a light brown color on top. Enjoy (with a little reduced balsamic vinegar if you like)

Sent to us by Thomas Beckham