Quick Pickled Turnips

Thanks Rebecca Peters for this reicpe!

You will need:

raw turnips cut into wedges
either left over brine from store bought pickles or

1 cup favorite vinegar

1/2 cup water

2 T sugar (or how ever much you like)

1 t salt

few peppercorns

whatever left over herbs you haven't figured out what to do with and maybe some corriander seeds or pickling spice or red crushed pepper


This has become on of our favorite uses for the turnips. I make the marinade and then microwave for about 45 seconds until the liquid is warm enough to disolve salt and sugar. Then I stuff the turnips in until the jar is full. We eat them the next day and they will last for a few weeks. We eat them whenever I am too lazy to make a salad. And I have added carrots, zuchinni, cucumber, onion to the jar all with good effect.

I saw in a magazine that you could just use the brine from store bought pickles. That seems a good way to make sure you will like the flavor of the brine!